A look at the pitfalls of the digital Swiss Army Knife in our pockets

We all love our smartphones. They’ve become the most indispensable pieces of technology. They’re with us at all times! Not knowing where your smartphone is can drive someone into a state of panic. There are so many life-changing things that our phones can be used for. But I’m always advocating…

The journey to finding the perfect audio companion

My Earbud Journey

I’ve never been anti-Apple products. I’ve used Apple computers for years. But I’m always looking for the most innovative products, and I hate to say that those usually aren’t coming out of Cupertino.

Don’t get me wrong. Apple does an amazing job of iterating on existing technology and making it…

Are you still booking meetings the old-fashioned way?

In my work, I am constantly scheduling meetings with people. It’s typically with content creators spread throughout the world, or with coaching clients who don’t operate on typical 9–5ish schedules. Many of these folks are always on the go, sometimes hopping to different timezones regularly.

Maybe you can relate?

The old days


Chris Jennings

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